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Meet the Villains

Meet the Villains : Meet the Villains

James Forbes

Board President/Orlando Villains Lieutenant

  My name is James Forbes.  I moved to Orlando in 2017 as a part of a much needed fresh start after struggling with drug addiction for 9 years.

  Prior to my fresh start I was homeless, jobless, and hopeless.  After a tough while I turned my life around and moved to Orlando.

  Now, I am a construction superintendent, a husband, and a father with a passion for woodworking and hockey.  My wife, 2 kids, and I live in a nice home and life has not been better.  

  But, turning my life around wasn't enough, I feel it is my responsibility to share my story as much as possible.  It is my duty to help the next person, to help others like others have done for me.  I am living proof that we can overcome, that life can seem hopeless and dark but it is possible and not just possible but life is worth all the hardwork and sacrifice to turn your life around.  Each and every one of us is worth it, each and every one of us makes mistakes, and each and every one of us deserves a chance to change our lives for the better. This is what got me involved in Orlando Villains, giving back, helping improve our community, never giving up and remember when it comes to life- the juice is worth the squeeze. 

  Good vibes only
  James (Feebz)

Philip Rosenberger

Board Director/Orlando Villains Captain

My name is Philip Rosenberger, aka “Quasi” aka “Cheeseburger”. I moved to Florida in 2018 from Philly. My wife Denise and I needed a big change in our life and we loved vacationing here so why not right. I joined Bearded Villains Orlando with the hopes that I would meet some solid dudes to hang with and do some work in our community. I am now Chaplain for the club. I enjoy this role, it allows me to keep in touch with members and be someone they can turn to. It continues to be such a great and fulfilling experience. Time is precious, waste it wisely!


Kevin "Yeti"

Board Director/Orlando Villains Sergeant

Bearded Villains is something I joined to try and meet some new friends who care about life.  Men who care about action and helping our community.  Men who build camaraderie and set goals.  
Rocks that are blocking the path become stepping stones with the right people around you. 

Alexeï Berrouet

Orlando Villains Co-captain


Bernie Edwards


Doug Alf 


 My name is Doug and I joined Bearded Villains in early 2016 after finding out about all the good they do in the community. I quickly realized it was more than just a beard club but it was a brotherhood and it was certainly something I knew I wanted to continue to be a part of. Through the years it has been an honor to give back to the community of Central Florida. Over the past 6 years I have enjoyed working along side my chapter brothers for the betterment of our community. Oh and I've got a knack for jumping off curbs, but that is a story for another time.


Bobby Stockton

Bearded Villains Chaplain

Michael Hayward-Farley

Orlando Villains Chaplain


Sean Click


Brian Hernandez 


My name is Brian Hernandez. A transplant from the 305. I joined this brotherhood for the friendship and charity work we do for our communties. Opportunities like handing out food,water and the bare necessities towards the issue of homelessness that plagues our city. I love Comics, Metal and Hockey. Go Panthers!I might look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head, I’m quite busy. i am Living proof that pobody’s nerfect.


Shane Carpenter 


Shane Carpenter aka PhineasEvent Liaison City of Daytona Beach ShoresCleveland, OhioLove long walks on the beachJack of all trades, master of none



I'm TJ or "Mushu" and I strive to be a decent human being by leading with humility and empathy.  Being a villain is more than just brotherhood, for me it's placing others before myself and giving back to our community.  Joining has been one of the best decisions, and I look forward to the future.

  Currently I am an explosives expert by trade, and a lover of all things outdoors.

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